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New Zealand News Article

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

The Long Way Home
Kiwis Leading the World in Adventure Travel
Cycling 15,000 km, the Length of South America
New Zealanders have always been world leaders in adventure travel, getting off the beaten track and immersing oneself in the immediate surroundings has become part of many Kiwis lives while making there way to and from the UK. Myself (Silas Cullen) and Angela McNaughton are no exception in this alternative style travel as we set out to cycle the length of South America in September to help raise money for cancer research in New Zealand which can be linked to from if you would like to make a donation.

The plan is to cycle home to NZ via the length of South America starting from Ushuaia world famous in South America and on the southern most tip of the continent where Cape Horn is famous for its notorious weather. The trip will finish in to Ecuador which is on the Equator and famous for the Galapagos Islands just off the coast. We head north for approximately 15,000km repeatedly crossing the Andes weaving our way up some of the highest mountain peaks outside the Himalayas, crossing Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru then Ecuador. The challenge is to cycle every inch of the way and complete the challenge in under a year which very few, if any cyclists have managed to achieve on our route or time frame.

This particular trip I am sure is not for everyone but the methodology behind it can apply to anyone in need of an adventure. So in continuing a trend of Kiwis setting the benchmark in adventure travel I would like to point out some obvious but significant facts. Firstly just by being kiwis you have two distinct advantages. You have the choice of travelling through or near almost every country in the world to get home. You don’t mind getting out of your comfort zone or you would not be here in London. So there you have an advantage over most of the world already. Now hear is your three step fool proof fail safe method to setting out on your “on the way home adventure”.

1. Write down your once in a lifetime dream, trip, country or whatever you want to do, this is best done after a few beers and with people on the same wavelength.
2. Write down all the reasons why you have been putting it off or why you can’t do this trip. Burn the piece of paper, never think of any of those things again and go and buy your ticket to that place immediately.
3. Start to work out in very small steps the logistics of what you are doing, anything you are not sure on put on a separate list of things to work out once you get there.

This foolproof method will have you on your way in no time! These strategies have been applied many times in the past with overwhelming success!

Remember what Henry Ford Henry Ford said “If your best friends don’t laugh at your dreams then they are not big enough”.

Most fantastic adventures that people have said should not be undertaken always turn out to be the best things in other people’s lives.

By Silas Cullen